Transpose feature in Excel 2013: Convert Horizontal Row Data into Vertical Column Style Sheets

At the start of the month, we listed and provided a quick glance of the top 10 favorite posts related to Excel in 2012. On the list, announced by the official Excel blog, five posts were about Excel 2010 while the remaining were related to Excel 2013. Yet, I found something missing – an age old Excel trick that allows you to swap rows, columns or changes. So, here I am with a post on it.

You may have observed in Microsoft Office Excel you can copy or move the cells, rows, columns or ranges as per your convenience. However, there appears no trick available for swapping the same. Not anymore! Excel, if you are not aware, supports a one click operation to quickly swap rows, columns or ranges, known as ‘Transpose’.

The feature works with most versions of Excel such as Excel 2010, 2007, 2003.

Transpose feature in Excel 2013

Here, if you see I have created a spreadsheet in Excel 2013 in vertical orientation using a column style. We will proceed further and change the same into a horizontal row style. Here’s how.

From your Excel sheet, select the desired cells you would want to change.

Excel Transppose list

Once done, Right-Click and select the ‘Copy’ option.

Excel Transppose list copy

Next, Right-Click in any empty cell and choose Paste Options > Transpose as shown in the screen-shot below.

transpose feature

One of the highlights of Excel 2013 is that it will show you a preview of what the paste would look like before confirming the action.

If you do not see it, as an alternative step you can Right-Click an empty cell and Select ‘Paste Special’.

paste special

Then, from its window you can check the ‘Transpose’ box and Click OK.


You will now see your data transposed to a new layout style.

Transpose effect

The same feature allows you to convert horizontal row data sheets into the vertical column style sheets too.

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